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lifepubtoh-287x300Terence P. O’Halloran

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. [Life and Pensions].

Associate Member of the Institute of Financial Planners.

Chartered Financial Planner

Terence P. O’Halloran is a strategic Financial Planner with over 40 years experience in the industry. To read some of Terry’s personal comments about events in financial planning why not visit his LinkedIn site.

Early in Terry’s career he realised that there was a serious need for anglicised technical books that were both easy to read and understand.

cache_240_240_lifepubyousignHis first venture – “You Sign” (The Little Cheque and We Sign the Big One)” was so successful that very quickly this was updated to “You Sign.”

Soon other professionals began to experience and benefit from the writings of Terence O’Halloran and it was not long before he undertook a major venture “Mountains out of Molehills” for communicating technical concepts. HIGHLY ACCLAIMED WITH AN INTERNATIONAL FOLLOWING.

Terence has always made full use of his experience and this can be seen by his prolific use of actual cases. With “Mountains Out of Molehills” a partnership was formed with the illustrator Bob Lole and so was born the family of Lole’s Moles – characters used throughout the book to make the reading and understanding entertaining and informative. A picture really does “speak a thousand words.”

cache_240_240_lifepubtrustsMore recent publications are “Trusts – A Practical Guide” another hit with readers. The title states the obvious when you read “Trusts – A Practical Guide.” It is a how to book of classic proportions. A great favourite. A reference book in constant use. (2nd Edition).

Terry joined forces with Andy Lopata and Stephen Harvard Davis to produce a book about exchanging business expertise rather than business cards. “Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs” puts together the architecture for setting up a Breakfast Club, or a full day mentoring Group. Experts are all around you running other businesses bringing them together for mutual benefit – “Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs” will get you started. It will also keep you going.

For the cost of a breakfast, you can save literally hundreds of pounds that would have been spent on seminars with people talking ‘at you’ rather than conversing ‘with you.’ The book is a gold mine to tap ‘into’ with your conversations.

Terence O’Halloran’s latest book is born of forty years of experience and two and a half years of in-depth study of his own and other people’s data which led him to trademark the classic marketTMa fifteen year period which exhibits the same trends and traits no matter what the surrounding political or economic situation happens to be.

cache_240_240_HindsightFrontCover“Hindsight – The Foresight Saga” is a road map for investment. It is an analysis of the inter-relationship between property values, bankers and the stock market. It does discuss the whole marketplace which is put under the microscope. Case studies are used to illustrate just how close the late 1970s and early 1990s are with the mid to late noughties.

Similarities and trends have to be ‘seen to be believed.’ Here in “Hindsight – The Foresight Saga” you can see and believe. This is a graphic exposé of things you probably know but don’t know why you know them. Read the book and at least you can share the enthusiasm and observations of a financial analyst who has experienced three classic marketsTMand is about to embark on the fourth. Mature simplicity comes from understanding why things happen and then doing things in tune with the rhythm of the market.

There are other books:

“If Only Politicians Had Brains” – an incredible manifest of Government incompetence and theories.

“The Fight for Our Post Office” – an objective analysis of a major campaign to keep local post offices open. A campaign masterclass according to the Mail on Sunday and the Guardian.